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Management of films with social networks


I specialize in managing films with social networks, leveraging the power of social media platforms to promote and enhance the visibility of my projects. With a strong background in film production and a deep understanding of social media dynamics, I effectively combine these two realms to reach a wider audience and create a lasting impact.

Complementing my film management skills, I have a solid grasp of social media management. I am experienced in creating engaging and relevant content tailored to different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. By understanding the preferences and behaviors of the target audience, I strategically schedule and share content to maximize engagement and foster a strong online presence.



Scenario management & color control


I possess expertise in scenario management and color control, two essential elements in creating visually captivating and cohesive productions.


Scenario management is a crucial aspect of the filmmaking process. I have a strong understanding of storytelling techniques and possess the ability to develop compelling and engaging narratives. I excel in script analysis, ensuring the coherence and structure of the story, and make necessary revisions to enhance its impact. With a meticulous eye for detail, I coordinate and manage all elements of the scenario, including locations, props, and actors, to bring the vision to life.

Production direction & development of films


I specialize in production direction and the development of films. With a strong passion for storytelling and a creative vision, I oversee the entire production process from concept to completion, ensuring the successful realization of audiovisual projects.

Additionally, I excel in the development of films. I have a keen eye for identifying compelling stories and concepts that resonate with audiences. I am experienced in conducting script analysis and providing valuable feedback to enhance the screenplay. I collaborate with writers, directors, and other creative professionals to bring the vision to life, offering creative input and guidance throughout the development process.

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